Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Pin Gallery

Vision is everything... Where would we be without our vision? Sunday I visited the pin gallery. As a pinterest addict I had to attend this exhibition. 8 pinterest lovers studio sjoesjoe, 101 woonidee├źn, April & May, Anouk B, Rose Eberson, Marieke Noordanus, Wimke Tolsma and Ank | 2D studio in vorm, were chosen to show 5 pins they love the most. What a great idea! The location of the exhibition was amazing. As you can see on the pictures I took. It was nice to read why these images were selected. The theme for the exhibition was called eye candy. But what is eye candy to you? I guess it's different for everybody. I think it is influenced by your vision and how you look at things and what's important to you. To me eye candy is not only by looking at great images but the image itself has to tell me a story, give me some kind of feeling or show me an emotion. If the image got all of the above I will place on my pinterest board. That is how I keep my pinterest boards By SISSA personal. I have selected my 5 favourite images from my boards. The catagories are Travel, Typography, Art, Food and Photography. Together they tell me the story. I have selected these images because they tell me a story about travelling. For my work I have to travel a lot and I get to see the world but only through my very own eyes. What do you see when you are travelling? You see the people around you, but what is their story? Have you ever wondered? People have emotions, but can you see them? Where have they been? And what have they been through?  Where are they going to? And have you ever wondered where the fish went before it ends up on your plate? I guess not.  And if you see a proud african woman, what's her story? Will she tell you the truth or will she tell you how proud she is...  We all got our own story to tell just by using our vision. So what is your story?...

1 Travel: weissesrauschen
2 Typography: Etsy
3 Art: Nezart Design
4 Food: cereal
5 Photography: Chameleonvisual