Thursday, April 26, 2012

be prepared

So have you gathered all your orange stuff?
In just three day's it's going queensday in Holland. It means that everybody will be dressed up in orange.
Holland will be orange that day. I have selected some orange design suggestions for you.
You better be prepared!

1. monopolist 2. Sanne Janssen 3. Torafu architects 4. designshimmer 5. monopolist 6. chairstalker


Today I fell in love with this beautiful picture, made by my friend Antje Pajonk during a workshop she did at imagelab.
The light is so well put together that it makes you want to taste the bread.
A job well done on styling and photography. My compliments, Antje!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Cuban style

Cuban Interior design
Not really my style, although I like the design of the tiles, the colourmixing and the old typewriter.
Well, I just think you can get your inspiration out of anything. Even if it's not really your thing...

Photography Silvana Issa