Thursday, July 18, 2013

Creative Mind

Today I will take you into my creative mind. I will try to explain how my mind works. I got the assignment to design a logo for Kees Folkers. Through my facebookpage I found the image with pots and pans. This made me think of the letter L reflected in a mirror. This is why I thought I have to reflect his work. In my mind the L stands for Love. My client who is an interior & stageset carpenter has a lot of love for his job. So first, I made the letters in a L shape, but I wasn't satified. So I hussled the letters and separated them. Just like the pots and pans. I turned the image 90 degrees. And the words came out. The design of his name was a fact. I knew my logo had to be clean and simple. because my client is a down to earth person. He is a person that doesn't want to be upfront. That is why the jacket is placed behind the images. He doesn't want anything fancy.
In the danish vintage dresser I saw the straight lines that had to go with my logo. It also looks like the dresser is floating on top of the frame. So I placed the line on top of the name. And let it float.
I'm also a great fan of pinterest and I search the site every day. This time I came across this pendant in copper because I was looking for items in copper for another project. (A creative mind works 24 hrs a day...) In this shape I saw the lining for my client's logo. I thought it had to be something with a round shape. But what? I tried out several things but came to the idea, to keep it simple. I placed it around the logo. When I spoke to Kees Folkers and showed him my first design. He told me that he was satisfied and he wanted  the letters to be in black. He also told me that he was going to the forest for the weekend. When I heard the word forest, I could see the colours that my logo needed. This was the only thing that was missing. I just don't know how this works. But when you think of something you're working on, you just see it every where. I bet it happens to you too. That's how I came across this jacket. The perfect colour for my newborn logo. I hope you like how it turned out.

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The retro age
Catherine Scheen
Lukas Peet