Sunday, September 18, 2011

Maison et Object

what can I say about Maison and object?  It was my first time. I might have been a little too critical but I found it disappointing. I had expected much more design and thought I could compare it with the Salone di Mobile of Milan. I did not see any innovation. Actually my conclusion is, that we are quite innovating in the Netherlands. But still, there were a few highlights, that I don't want to keep from you. One of my favorites was the Asian colour blocking from Jean Boggio for Franz. An asian art with many colors, but still very attractive. The lamps of metylos I thought were interesting. But I also think that working with felt is a little dated. What I liked, more than the products, was the styling of the show. The styling was sometimes so beautiful and simple that the product became a work of art. By using materials like wire, the product stands out. Especially around the stand of Richard Ginori.
After the show me and Cynthia Vorstenbosch( my former classmate and now friend) checked in at the hotel in one of my favorite neighbourhoods le Marais. We had a nice walk, dinner and quite some laughs that evening. The next day we planned for shopping and visited some galleries in my favorite le Marais. And what have I learned from this trip?..
The next time I have to do something about time management ...