Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Inside Design

I just want to give you a small impression of Inside Design days in Amsterdam. The exhibition is three days in total, but I only went on sunday. The most beautiful day of all. Because the sun was out. And I had a lovely day meeting friends and having drinks at the harbour.
I think, if you are a designer,  Inside Design is a "must see".
And what did I see?...
The world is ready for colours. Green, red, orange, yellow. You name it. Every colour will do. Combined with industrial materials like concrete. But the industrial look is also combined with nature (woods) to give your home a warm feeling. Ceramics are no longer in one color only, but you can select your own bowls, cups and plates. Select them in different shapes and colours. And you have created your own unique tableware.
An other new concept is to decorate your living in just one colour but in different tones of that particular colour. So what do I think: the year 2012 is all about colour, colour and colour.