Monday, May 9, 2011

New Materials

1 Sirene

Fish-scale like fabric for use as curtain.
Thousands of laser cut scales in taffeta which shimmer in the light.

2 Collection Glass

Wallpaper with the look of molten pearly glass; extra wide, very resistant with oversized drawings. A palette of colours vividly projecting the nuances of the materials.
Vinyl on a paper ground, embossed wallpaper looking like a mosaic. Pearly corrugated vinyl paper, varnished, hard and shock resistant.

3 Cork Textile & Surfaces
The fabric and surfaces are suited to interior applications such as wall coverings and wall panels. Both materials benefit from cork's natural acoustic and thermal insulating properties. The cork textiles are made from woven elastane and re-composited cork which is a by-product from the wine industry.