Friday, June 27, 2014


A private desk by Theresa Arns

A desk made for a woman with an integrated mirror to check on yourself every minute. Because you will never know when somebody will walk in...
I just love the neutral colours of the white wood.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

invisible kitchen


Does your kitchen also look like this?...
Well, I don't think so. But wouldn't it be nice to have a kitchen so clean and tidy designed by i29 interior architect?

Monday, June 16, 2014

Telling a story...

Last weekend I planned a trip to Copenhagen to attend a masterclass on photography & styling by meettheblogger.   I had a great time. It was hard for me to figure out my photography skills. After the lessons from Tina & Jack Fussell I found out I have none. He showed us all the basics you need to know when you are starting to use your camera for the first time. Do you know I have my camera for over 6 years? And I just found out how it really works on Saturday. We also had to work with a model. I have never done this before.
At the other hand the styling class taught by Wendy from Beeldsteil was easy for me as I have a Artemis styling academy background. But Wendy taught me one good thing... To open up your legs when you are taking photo's on the floor. Why have I never thought about this? She also talked about light and to really look carefully where the light is coming from. She talked about the F-stop and we got a nice little list of when to use what F-stop.
We worked with beautiful products from Muuto, Vipp, Simply chocolate and Farrow and Ball
All the teachers explained that it is all about telling a story. Can you guess what my story is all about by taking a look at my photo's?...
At the end of this class I was also inspired by Marina Snijders from Meet the Blogger to start using my blog again.
As you can see I just followed her advice...